Technology Incubation and Development of Entrepreneurs @ UoH

3D Printer

Aha Fused Filament 3D printer is capable of printing objects of 500cm width and 500cm length.

Circuit Milling Machine

The milling machine has been already used by incubatees to prototype circuit boards for IOT projects.

SLA 3D printer

We have Form 2 SLA 3D printer which can produce parts with very high dimensional accuracy and with intricate details.

Workstation Desktops

We provide high performance workstation desktops for designing and development.

3D Microscope

The 3D microscope in our lab helps the incubatees in designing and inspection of high precision works such as circuit board designing.

Extensive Toolkit

Our lab has an extensive collection of tools for all kinds of prototype building and testing.

Laboratory Facilities at ASPIRE-TIDE

  • Plug in space (16 stations)
  • Prototyping lab for Electronics
  • Office Space for TIDE operations
  • Training room
  • Conference room
  • Individual incubatee spaces (4x 150 sft)